Greg Flessing

Greg Flessing


Canoeing down a river in South America. Walking along the Great Wall of China. Spending a night on the Sahara Desert near Timbuktu. Visiting with MVP athletes. Working with the White House. Standing amidst a million men gathered to renew their faith, pray for their family and serve their world. It seems that few people get to do what they love to do in diverse settings with people they really enjoy. I've had that privilege.

Uniquely, those opportunities feed each new project. We learn from each person we meet, and find creative and cogent ways to craft their story. It's not about us. It's all our clients - whether broadcast television, live stadium or arena events, satellite simulcasts or through interactive media – DVD, streaming, CD- Rom or Web Sites.

After nearly 25 years as a producer, director, editor and story teller, traveling to more than 70 countries and all 50 states, I still enjoy the challenge of new ideas. Music is a lifelong interest, along with nearly 30 years as a private pilot. My wife has demonstrated patience and incredible support for 25 years, while nurturing one fun and energetic high school senior, who skis, plays golf and more than a few video games. I am a follower of Jesus Christ, and still amazed by grace. Hopefully his qualities are reflected in all we do.

Personally, I invite you to explore the projects and samples on our website, but most importantly, meet the staff. They're rock solid professionals, yet personable. Fun, creative, focused. Far and away our most valuable asset. "Crafting Your Story" is more than a moniker. It is the bedrock for everything we touch.

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